Connected Car 2019

Understand the connected car owner, across Europe, the USA and China, by reading our report.
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Two years on from our original Connected Car study, we’ve revisited our key findings to discover if car manufacturers had made progress and leveraged the opportunities for growth identified.

Our latest Connected Car study explores the attitudes and purchase behaviour of connected car owners across seven European markets, the USA and China.

4,500 conversations | 9 markets | 1 new insightful study

Our report highlights the most effective ways for auto brands to engage drivers, and increase the appeal of connected features to deliver an optimal customer experience:

Real-world relevance – the importance of aligning features with customers' lives in the real world

Understanding – how to overcome barriers preventing brands from connecting with drivers

Usage – tips to engage drivers at key moments and increase their usage of car connectivity

Tried and trusted – the power of building confidence in technology and the importance of protecting people’s data.

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