Connected cars, disconnected owners

We expose the gap between technology and actual behaviour, and show how to better engage and communicate with drivers.
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Auto brands invest billions in developing connected car features in an attempt to gain competitive advantage. But is this money well spent? How engaged are connected car owners?

Our latest Connected Car study explores the attitudes and purchase behaviour of connected car owners across Europe, North America and China.

We uncovered a sizeable disconnect between connected car owners and the benefits of using the technology. 47% of connected car owners don't even know that the features they have mean their vehicle is classed as a connected car.

Do you want to find out how to engage drivers? Our summary report reveals four opportunities to engage drivers:

  • Relevance – the importance of aligning features with customers' lives in the real world
  • Understanding – how to overcome barriers preventing brands from connecting with drivers
  • Usage – tips to engage drivers at key moments and increase their usage of car connectivity
  • Trust – the power of building confidence in technology and the importance of protecting people’s data

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