5 ways to improve the quality of your data

Kantar’s guide to collecting robust, actionable data you can trust.
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At Kantar, we’re committed to collecting robust, actionable data that you can trust to inform your business decisions. In a rapidly changing, complex online world, what does this really look like?

Here are five ways our expert teams recommend approaching your research projects to give you confidence in the quality of your data.

1. Use only permission based sources: Respecting data protection regulations is fundamental in the handling of consumer information

2. Validation and verification of data: Quality tools offer a way to assess the validity of sources, respondents and their responses

3. Target a representative audience: Recruitment diversity, scale, the ability to target and quota management is key when you’re looking for a range of demographic, behavioural and attitudinal characteristics within your data sets

4. Engaging with right devices and designs: By designing for the mobile respondent first, you can be confident your surveys will be accessible to a representative audience and engaging for all

5. Go beyond a survey: Just as the right respondents, survey designs and scripting tools are important for data quality, so too are the right integrations

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