How 2020 reversed the fortunes of FMCG in Latam

Winning Omnichannel for Latin America reveals how FMCG transformed in 2020, and predicts the industry’s future.
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In this new edition of Winning Omnichannel, we examine the global impact of the pandemic on FMCG, take a deep dive into its effects on the consumer in Latin America, and reflect on the future of the market.

The pandemic reversed Latin America’s falling consumption and boosted growth by 6% thanks to new sources of income, such as government support, and severe limitations to out-of-home consumption.

FMCG growth in 2020 was driven by consumers adapting rapidly to the new circumstances as they evolved their shopping habits. Relevance was key as shoppers significantly increased consumption of categories they consider important to their daily lives, while totally abandoning the odd indulgence. Consumers visited outlets as little as possible, but they optimized their shopping time by stocking up when they did go out.

There were changes too in the channels that people used, with ecommerce growing 238% to represent 0.9% of the market. However, one channel contributed more to the growth of the region than any other... To find out which one, read the report here.

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