The Cannabis Consumer Study: American Spotlight

Uncovering the how and why of cannabis consumption.
Marijuana plant

Analyst (former), Boston

Legislation to legalise recreational marijuana is making its way to election ballots across the United States. To better understand the implications of legalisation, we shine a spotlight on not just who the American cannabis consumer is but also why they consume, how they purchase, and what trade-offs they make. To get to the root of these questions, we conducted a study with Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource. Via the Leafly platform, we surveyed 2,000 cannabis consumers across North America to understand the integrated role cannabis plays in their daily lives. Read through select highlights from our American Spotlight and download the complete infographic below.

Why are Americans Consuming Cannabis?

The study revealed that 77% of American respondents use cannabis across the spectrum of sick-care and self-care.

How are Americans Purchasing Cannabis?

Current buying habits offer a glimpse into the pre-legalisation and post-legalisation mindset of the known cannabis consumer.

What Substitutions are Americans Making?

Cannabis consumers are increasingly turning to cannabis as part of their health and wellness routine.

Editors Note:

The Leafly study surveyed 2,000 known cannabis consumers across Canada and the U.S. to understand the retail implications and the environments of product acquisition. Respondents self-reported individual patterns of consumption and purchasing behaviors. Current buying habits by country offer a glimpse into the pre-legalization and post-legalization mindset of the known cannabis consumer.