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Identify growth opportunities, with insights from the our latest U.S. MONITOR generational infographics.
16 February 2021
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We are celebrating 50 Years of MONITOR with Generations, delivering the latest insights and perspectives, and equipping you with the tools to develop effective marketing strategies in 2021 and beyond.

From Generation Alpha (the youngest cohort) all the way to Boomers and Matures, we can help you better understand your target audience in the US, by sharing easy-to-digest information about their habits and beliefs. Download these handy visuals to see:

  • Definitions for each generational cohort, and their size relative to the whole US population
  • What the spending power and household income looks like for various Generations
  • How old and young compare on their views of the American Dream
  • The core values of, and how to connect with, Gen Z and Gen X
  • Consumption habits for all age groups, including those of the largest cohort: Millennials

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