The blurring lines of retail: Walmart’s proposed TikTok deal

As the lines between shoppers’ daily lives, social media, and commerce blur, this intersection creates a gold mine of opportunity for retailers and brands.
24 September 2020
TikTok loading screen
Lei Duran

Senior Vice President, Consulting Division

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Retail is no longer just about selling goods and services — data is king. Walmart’s move to purchase a stake in the social media platform TikTok elevates them in the race for shopper knowledge and touchpoints. Leveraging data from our monthly U.S. shopper study, we shed light on the relationship Walmart shoppers already have with TikTok: 


* Walmart shoppers include any shopper who shopped Walmart/WMSC or Walmart Neighborhood Market in the past four weeks, either in store or online. 

** Among Walmart shoppers who use TikTok. 

Source: ShopperScape®, July 2020; company reports

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