Global conference: Making Sustainability Real in 2024

Is marketing doing enough to future-proof brands and help people live sustainably?
18 January 2024
Making Sustainability Real in 2024
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Consumers want to lead more sustainable lives and they need marketing’s help to make that happen. Fortunately, the marketing fraternity recognizes that challenge.

More than 90% of marketers believe that we need to be more ambitious and take more radical action if marketing is to realize its role and responsibility in the transformation journey.

Making Sustainability Real, Kantar’s annual conference on sustainability, will provide you with the information and strategic approach you need to future-proof your brands at a time of disruptive change.

The conference runs from February 6-8. 

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With speakers from brands such as Pepsico, ING, Reckitt and Zespri, and experts from across Kantar we’ll help you turn sustainability into a business growth engine, with six webinars addressing:

  • The business benefits of taking action on sustainability
  • How to demonstrate the financial results of changing consumer perceptions
  • How to speed up transformation through radical and incremental innovation
  • Connecting your actions with consumer culture in a credible way
  • Consumer response to perceived greenwashing and how to navigate through it
  • Doing the right thing on DEI, and how to avoid culture backlash

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