Audience Measurement

Explore how people are consuming media, wherever and whenever they view, to understand the impact of media channels.

Connect data to improve audience engagement

We connect audience media consumption data to show you the entire consumer viewing journey, to inform your strategies.

Understand viewing habits and demographics

With advanced technology, we measure real-time media consumption in and out of home, across platforms and devices.

Global experience, local knowledge

We combine the latest technology and data science techniques with the experience of knowing what works for each market.

Trust the experts in audience measurement

Industry players across the globe trust Kantar to deliver currency-grade data, used as the basis for trading.
Featured solutions
Know the actual viewing habits and behaviours of TV and video audiences, to make informed decisions.
We measure what people listen to across platforms and devices. This provides the trading currency for radio.
Kantar Social TV Ratings track real time conversations on TV and video content across social media platforms, 24/7.