TV & Video Audience Measurement
Know the actual viewing habits and behaviours of TV and video audiences, to make informed decisions.

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Our measurement data gives you a true understanding of how individual types of media and channels perform. It shows how people are accessing content, whether on live TV, catch-up and online video streaming services. And it shows what content they are viewing.

Key features

A complete view of consumer viewing habits

Connect audience viewing data - from TV sets, computer, mobile, and smart TVs - with demographic information.

Trusted experts

We provide the tradable currency that underpins the market. Our data helps set prices for advertising.

Global experience, local knowledge

We have a global presence in nearly 50 markets, which gives us the expertise to focus on individual local-market needs.

Media owners can measure TV and video consumption across all devices, and get a clear view on how their content is performing. They can benchmark against their competitors and make decisions about programming to maximise revenues for their advertising space and air time.

Media agencies and brands can use this data to make comparisons across different media platforms. They can measure brand reach, and the frequency of a campaign. They can optimise their media planning and guide their investments decisions to deliver the best results.

Industry players can understand and monitor audiences and media consumption habits. This enables their members to make informed business decisions.

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