Consumer Journey
An analysis of how shopper migrate through segments and stages of a category over time.

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By analysing the continuous purchase behaviour of panelists in a category where consumers can move to different segments or stages we can see where the critical junctures are on the journey. We will provide an understanding of where exactly the brand needs to win, retain and trade up buyers as they develop their category behaviours.   

Key features

Real Purchase by Real Consumers

Through continuous tracking of shopping behaviour, Kantar Worldpanel can correctly identify the real entry, migrate and switch moments instead of asking shoppers to recall. 

Link to Action   

At each change moment, Kantar Worldpanel can deep dive the drivers behind the change in order to guide actions in terms of channel, price & promotion and product selection strategies. 

Size of Prize 

Kantar Worldpanel can further measure the impact of the key individual efforts to help guide business prioritization based on the sales return estimation. 

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