Futures & Trends

By applying future focused thinking and frameworks we uncover changes and trends that are shaping the long term business environment and future of categories (5+ years out), with recommendations clearly identifying how to profit from these changes .

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We provide identified breakthrough innovations by connecting ideas and technologies that wouldn’t normally come together, brand, innovation and communications plans that better drive conversion because they tap into emergent needs, reduced risk and investment by anticipating different scenarios and having a clear plan to profit from possible outcomes, by comprehensive data assets, proprietary Futures techniques and real& validated trends and scenarios analysis.

Key features

Future Dynamics

Identify the key drivers of change shaping the future of marketplaces.

Future Forum

Connect perspectives that don’t typically intersect to reimagine what’s possible.

Future Pathways

Define a clear set of steps to move from future opportunity to action - going beyond existing portfolio, giving a first mover advantage.

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