Innovation Measurement

To understand the value of innovation, you need to understand its category impact, by measuring incrementality.

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Sales figures are naturally used for evaluating innovation performance, but how many new products actually succeed in attracting new shoppers to the brand? And how many encourage shoppers to buy more, rather than cannibalising other products within the brand portfolio?

Key features

A better measurement of innovation success

Find ROI and incremental sales. Compare a product’s performance to our “success benchmarks” across categories and markets.

Improved innovation and marketing

Better predict your launch’s performance, maximise adoption and negotiate better shelf positions with retailers.

Lengthy experience and deep expertise

We have helped many brands worldwide to launch successful products and maximise their innovation return-on-investment.

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By applying future focused thinking and frameworks we uncover changes and trends that are shaping the long term business environment and future of categories (5+ years out), with recommendations clearly identifying how to profit from these changes .