Demonstrating the potential on new product development for Kraft Heinz in China

Kraft Heinz in China product development
The brand turned to Kantar Marketplace for rapid, actionable concept testing fit for a dynamic market.
Barbara Zhao, Insights, Fonterra Active Living“Thanks for the work you have done supporting our new brand launch. The study helps us validating our functional ingredients and concepts prepared for clients. The results help us make decisions when we choose concepts for different markets. Since the concepts are pre-tested for clients, we block the unnecessary risk for clients which is definitely the benefit of concept testing.” 


Kraft Heinz has plans for strong growth in China and delivering winning new product development (NPD) is crucial to achieve this. The organization relies on concept testing to ensure NPD launches will outperform FMCG benchmarks to validate likelihood for success. Given the dynamic nature of the Chinese market, agility and actionable insights are of critical importance.


With the key need of agility, Kraft Heinz undertook a pilot ConceptEvaluate test for an important new product launch. The study was used to evaluate the agility of the Kantar Marketplace platform as well as provide actionable insights using the ConceptEvaluate solution. Following the pilot study, all concept testing undertaken by Kraft Heinz has leveraged this solution.


Using Kantar Marketplace, Kraft Heinz was able to benefit from a validated, best-in-class concept testing solution that importantly delivered insights within one week. With the flexibility to include additional customized questions, the Kantar service team can recommend questions to be included to provide clear, actionable insights.


Kraft Heinz have now adopted the use of ConceptEvaluate on Kantar Marketplace for all their agile NPD concept testing needs. This allows Kraft Heinz to go to market with greater confidence that new product development launches will help to achieve their goal for strong growth in China.

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