Future Proof: How can brands better understand and improve the menopause experience?

Our research into symptoms, menopause in the corporate space and how brands should look at the menopause experience.
15 December 2022
menopause experience
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Menopause is an increasingly hot topic as brands, politicians, celebrities, and influencers are driving the conversation to the top of the agenda. We have invited Lesley Salem, Founder of Over The Bloody Moon, a leading menopause support provider, to frankly discuss about our research into symptoms, the menopause in the corporate space and how brands should look at the menopause with insights from our study Redefining the Menopause launched earlier this year.

Lesley joins Jane Ostler to discuss the opportunities for brands in this space, how they can better understand the audience through insights and ultimately innovate and communicate sensitively and authentically – avoiding criticisms of “wellness washing”.


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