Retail Media B2B Benchmarking Study

Kantar's inaugural study of best practices, frameworks, and proprietary B2B insights for the retail media industry.
18 December 2023
Retail Media Networks
Rachel Dalton

Director, Consulting Division, US

Anna Brennan

Senior Analyst, North America

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Have you ever wondered how your retail media efforts stack up against those of your competition? Have you been looking for benchmarks to help guide your retail media strategy? Could you benefit from a better understanding of retail media KPIs?

For months, Kantar heard these and other concerns from clients looking to find their footing in the space. It quickly became apparent that there was a lack of data and analysis on how organizations can succeed with retail media in 2024 and beyond.

For that reason, Kantar set out to answer these questions and others to help you make sense of the complex but critically important world of retail media. The result? Kantar’s Retail Media Networks B2B Benchmarking Study of best practices and proprietary B2B insights for the retail media industry.

Ambitious? Sure.

Worth it? Absolutely.

Because knowledge is power and when 56% of retail media professionals in the US say they will invest more in retail media in the future, you can’t afford not to understand this industry.

This is an incredible opportunity to hear from a sample of 302 of your peers, key decision-makers buying and selling retail media at both established and challenger brands and media agencies in the US and Canada, about how they manage retail media networks in their organizations.

Kantar studied the organizational planning and budgeting process in-depth by examining:

  • How retail media teams are defined within an organization, as well as teams that have input into the process
  • Who owns the budget for retail media and where the budget comes from, including what peer organizations are spending on retail media
  • How budgets are allocated between self-serve and managed serve/demand-side platforms

In addition to dissecting internal processes, Kantar went a step further by outlining the KPIs that organizations use for each marketing funnel-based objective, as well as how companies approach test and learns.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Kantar answered the most pressing questions about the effectiveness of first-party data, including:

  • How the purchase of off-site media using retailers’ first-party data affects audience quality and effectiveness
  • The effectiveness of first-party data or internal data
  • Who is interested in upper-funnel tactics and brand-based units for retail media
  • The use of nonendemic advertising within retail media networks

It’s OK to be unsure of many things in life. Where you want to travel next. What to have for dinner tonight. When it’s socially acceptable to leave a party.

Retail media is not one of them.

Nearly one-third of respondents said they are way ahead or reasonably ahead in retail media. Equip yourself and your organization with the expert knowledge and insights in Kantar’s Retail Media Networks B2B Benchmarking Study to successfully wield the power of retail media networks.

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