Sustainable Futures: Lessons to build a sustainable luxury fashion brand

In this week’s episode Jonathan Hall is joined by Stephanie Sarka, the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of 1 Atelier, a luxury fashion brand launched in 2015.
04 May 2023
Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brand
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Join the conversation to hear Stephanie’s story: from her early days at Goldman Sachs to her success in tech start-ups to the world of luxury fashion. 1 Atelier was born with a unique business model, leveraging technology and individualisation to reinvent contemporary luxury. Stephanie will share her perspectives on:

  • The value of Tech as a category disruptor o How Luxury as we know it is broken and needs to be re-designed
  • The importance of joy, originality and the creative spirit
  • Customisation as a change agent

Luxury fashion relies on strong storytelling, engagement, and connector skills to build a sustainability identity and to achieve 1 Atelier’s vision to go beyond carbon neutral to carbon negative - and always zero waste.

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Sustainable Futures is the sustainability podcast from Kantar. In each of our episodes, we speak with senior experts from a wide variety of disciplines to bring broad understanding to complex topic areas and shine a light on the most pressing sustainability issues facing business and marketing. All designed to help marketers create sustainable futures for your brands and business.

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