The digital surge we have seen across many categories the world over looks here to stay. Does your business have the digital fitness to succeed?

The shift to digital means there are opportunities with existing audiences engaging with your brand in new ways. And new audiences engaging with your brand for the first time in the digital world.

And that poses a challenge for many organisations. Because the big revelation of the pandemic for marketeers and e-commerce experts alike is that COVID-19 has caught brands in different stages of Digital Activation Fitness.

Digital experience, for example, varies wildly. The brands that have won online are the ones that couple the basics (loading times, font size, etc) with an inspirational, frictionless experience.

Heads in the sand?

Looking at the Global Business Compass, Kantar’s study from June of this year (the height of the pandemic in many markets):

  • We spoke to more than 4.5k organisations the world over
  • Only 52% of them had invested in (or planned to invest in) ecommerce capabilities
  • But 96% agreed that consumer spending online was set to change.

Five reasons to change

With a global economic recession on the horizon, the winners will be the ones who get practical and get tactical. The ones who focus on tackling the five burning platforms critical to driving conversion through the digital sales funnel.

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