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10 October 2022
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October 2024

3-4 October: BrightonSEO

September 2024

16-17 September: Richmond CDO Forum

July 2024

2-4 July: Madfest

June 2024

6 June: Qualtrics X4

11 June: The Future of Measurement: Use AI to Elevate Marketing ROI 

May 2024

2 May: From Marginal to Mainsteam Webinar

April 2024

23 April: Brand Strategy Unpacked Webinar

25 April: Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards

March 2024

21 March: The Future of Measurement: Using AI to Increase Media Effectiveness 

February 2024

22 February: Marketing Effectiveness in Action Webinar

28 February: Affectiva Webinar

January 2024

18 January: Not just for Christmas: New effectiveness resolutions for year-round success 

November 2023

15 November: Curating meaningful data for strong sustainable positioning that drives brand growth

15 November: The Marketing Society Global Conference 2023: Changemakers Illuminate

16 November: Econsultancy Live

28 November: Customer Engagement Summit

October 2023

11 October: Connected creativity with Yorkshire Tea

5 October: Sustainability Sector Index 2023: Establish your brand leadership

5 October: Festival of Marketing

September 2023

6 September: Kantar Media Reactions 2023

10-13 September: ESOMAR Congress Conference

13 September: Taking an AI data driving approach to elevating you Creative Effectiveness

14-15 September: BrightonSEO

18 September: Customer Experience Strategy Forum 

28 September: MRS Behavioural Science Summit

28 September: Magnify creative effectiveness at scale with AI & Analytics 

August 2023

30 August: Innovation Works: How Successful Brands Think Differently

July 2023

4-6 July: Mad/Fest

June 2023

6 June: LINK+: Discover the most powerful way to make creative work

6 June: Qualtrics X4 London

May 2023

10 May: What really drives brand choice?

17 May: Outstanding Innovation Awards

31 May: Curating meaningful data to shape valuable, future-fit brands

April 2023

18 April: Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards: How to win in a digital world

20 April: Brighton SEO

March 2023

7 March: Operating in the New Service Nation: Sustainability, Skills & Success

9 March: The Richmond Digital Marketing Forum

15 March: Curating Meaningful Data to Maximise the Value of Every Customer Relationship

21 March: UK Webinar – Stop the Scroll: The secrets to creating distinctive TikTok ads that entertain and deliver 

February 2023

9 February: UK UMMO Webinar: Cracking the Marketing Effectiveness Code

28 Feb: Harness the power of emotion in digital advertising

January 2023

31 January: Unwrapped: The secrets of Cadbury's award-winning Secret Santa campaign

December 2022

14 December: A Unified Framework for Marketing Measurement and Optimization

November 2022

2 November: The Marketing Society Annual Conference 2022 - Changemakers Ignite

2-4 November: ASI Conference 2022

9 November: The Promise of the Machine in Marketing: How does AI/ML improve marketing decision making?

17 November : The Future of Media & Marketing in 2023: Discover our trends and predictions

17 November: Inflation Nation

22 November: Unlock the power of Influencer Marketing (Partner webinar) 

October 2022

6 October: UMMO

26 October: The true story behind Johnnie Walker’s 34% growth: A Creative Effectiveness Journey

September 2022

7 September: Media Reactions 2022: Which ad platforms do people prefer?

13 September: Sustainability: From Ambition into Brand Action

21 September: Marketing Decisions in Times of Disruption: How useful is historical data in predicting the future?

July 2022

5-7 July: MAD//Fest (Sponsor/ Speaker) 

6 July: The Marketing Investment Balancing Act: Short-term sales or long-term brand building?

12 July: What stunt bikes, pitta breads and cider teach us about meaningfully different innovation 

19 July: UK Inflation webinar

June 2022

7 June: UK InflationNation series on LinkedIn – Worldpanel shares consumer and shopper insights 

22 June: Disrupting the Future of Travel: In Conversation with Four Leading Edge Players

28 June: UK InflationNation series on LinkedIn – Focus on Sustainable Innovation during inflation 

May 2022

3 May: Dealing with the Marketing Data Deluge: How to make data accessible and useful

4-5 May: The Quirk’s Event, London (Speaker)

25 May: UK InflationNation series on LinkedIn – What do the latest Global Issues Barometer results mean for the UK? 

April 2022

27 April: The Future of Brands (Sponsor/Speaker)

27 April: Econsultancy Live (Speaker)

March 2022

30 March: Collaboration in the Data Clean Room (Speaker)

24-25 March: Festival of Marketing, London (Sponsor/Speaker)

14-16 March: Corinium Chief Data & Analytics Officers Event, London (Sponsor/Speaker)

10-11 March: Richmond Digital Forum, Hertfordshire (Speed Dating Meetings)

9 March : Grocery advertising has never been more effective

2 March: How to navigate the emotional world of sustainability in advertising

February 2022

1 February: Kantar’s Christmas Review 2021 (Ireland)

January 2022

25 January: Global FMCG growth already back to pre-pandemic levels

20 January: Ho-ho-ho we go again... How did Omicron affect fruit & veg sales at Christmas? (UK)

December 2021

15 December: Is disinformation polluting climate action?

8 December: What’s new, what’s next? Media Trends & Predictions 2022 (UK)

November 2021

25 November: Upcoming HFSS legislation changes – what investors need to know (UK)

25 November: Instilling a measurement mindset, with NatWest (UK)

17 November: Instilling a measurement mindset, with KPMG (UK)

11 November: How to be an inclusive and sustainable Fashion brand

10 November: The transformation of the Foodservice sector

9 November: Northern Ireland Shopper Pulse

9 November: The Imperative of Imagination: The Future of Insights (1700 GMT) 

2 November: Turn up the volume: How to make your brand’s voice heard with better guidance programmes

October 2021

27 October: Kantar Analytics Live: Building a data foundation to enable human understanding

27 October: The future of retail post-COVID-19 (Europe)

20 October: Customer Engagement Strategies to Drive Behavioural Outcomes

19 October: Understanding the impact of sustainability on the constantly changing retail landscape for investors

19 October: Who Cares, Who Does? Creating a competitive advantage through sustainability

13-14 October: The Quirks Event London (£, partner event)

7 October: Finding brand growth in good times (and bad)

6 October: Exceeding your customer growth goals through a well crafted Analytics Roadmap

5 October: European Value Channel Workshop 2021 (£)

September 2021

29 September: Kantar Talks: Winning the growth reset 

29 September: Who Cares, Who Does? Creating a competitive advantage through sustainability

22 September: Data strategies to unlock brand growth

21 September: The new normal: digitally accelerated trends in EMEA & APAC

15 September: Analytics-Driven Brand Growth

9 September: Media Reactions 2021: Find out where great ads thrive

8 September: Sustainability: The European Story

7 September: Scotland’s Brand Footprint 2021 - Discover the Most Chosen FMCG Brands

7 September: Changing consumer choices – the great retail reset (UK)

August 2021

5 August: Brand Footprint – Ireland’s most chosen brands

July 2021

28 July: The Global Inclusion Imperative 

20 July: Revealed: The future of mobility in the world’s greatest cities

15 July: On trade reopening: early impressions and implications for alcohol and out of home markets (UK) 

8 July: Eating and drinking habits after COVID-19: what will remain and what will not?

8 July: Changing consumer choices in the UK: webinar three 

6 July: The post-lockdown rules of fashion retail

June 2021

30 June: Changing consumer choices in the UK: webinar two

29 June: Accelerating Growth in 2021: Insights from Kantar BrandZ’s Most Valuable Global Brands 2021

22 June: Changing Consumer Choices Scotland

22 June: 3 ways you can use automation for faster, reliable survey data

10 June: Britain’s most chosen dairy brands

9 June: Britain’s most chosen beverages brands

2 June: Britain’s most chosen health and beauty brands

1 June: Britain’s most chosen homecare brands

May 2021

27 May: The power of inclusive portrayal in advertising

26 May: AI Transforming the Creative Process

20 May: Brand Footprint 2021: Discover the Most Chosen FMCG Brands

18-19 May: European Digital Commerce Conference 2021 (£)

13 May: Britain’s changing meal preparation habits under COVID-19

5 May: How to thrive globally: from good to great (in partnership with The Marketing Society)

April 2021

28 April: Rethinking customer centricity – How Hyundai Europe transformed customer experience

27 April: Purpose: A north star for growth in turbulent times

21 April: Winning omnichannel: the future of FMCG and retail post-COVID-19

21 April: Building Brand Intelligence to Better Connect with Consumers

20 April: How COVID-19 impacted consumer behaviour – lessons from alternative data in 2021 and beyond

14 April: The most valuable health and beauty launches of 2020

7 April: Digital Performance Summit: Connecting Purpose to People

7 April: Digital Performance Summit: Predicting the future is hard – here’s how to do it better

7 April: Digital Performance Summit: How to sleep better at night: Improve clarity, transparency, and excellence in digital performance for you, your teams, and your agencies

7 April: Digital Performance Summit: Panel Discussion - A client perspective on making digital data work for your business

6 April: The big picture: how video strategy is shaping the future of media investment

March 2021

23 March: Trust in the news: how to address misinformation and strengthen trust in the media and government communications

17 March: Building a data foundation for an insights-driven world

16 March: COVID-19: Winning behaviours – A view of the 2021 outlook for key UK sectors

8 March: The Reykjavík Index for Leadership: Is a future without prejudice against women possible?

4 March: Trust in the economic recovery: how to engage and mobilise citizens around their government’s recovery plans 

February 2021

18 February: MRS Pledge Panel Discussion ft. Amy Cashman, CEO, Insights Division (Partner webinar with MRS)

18 February: 2021+ European Retail Outlook Webinar

16 February: COVID-19 – Anticipating the balance of 2021: How will the year play out?

10 February: The fastest-selling FMCG launches of 2020

10 February: Getting Copyright Right: Navigating copyright licensing in PR & communications

4 February: Trust in public health policies: how to overcome COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and address citizens’ expectations

4 February: Looking ahead to a bright 2021 for fashion retail

2 February: COVID-19: Understanding consumers and brands in 2021

January 2021

27 January: How do I manage my marketing investments to deliver ROI in a pandemic?

20 January: Sustainable Transformation in 2021

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