Events from Kantar UK & Ireland

A list of our previous and upcoming webinars and workshops from the UK & Ireland, covering a wide range of topics and offering our high quality insights, data, and expertise.
13 October 2020
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10 November: The future of digital commerce: What to expect in 2030 and how to prepare now

4 November: Maintaining cultural relevance (Kantar & Magnetic Media)

3 November: Personal care or planet care?


29 October: Get closer to the truth: Why we see dishonesty in online survey research and what you can do to reduce it

28 October: Digital measurement and optimisation

28 October: How the pandemic has changed the out-of-home market: temporary fix or fundamental shift?

21 October: Sustainability, health and innovation: has the pandemic accelerated existing trends in food and drink?

20 October: Using customer data to drive business growth (BRC, Medallia & Kantar)

20 October: Optimising the return on media investments: What are the best practices in spend, media mix and channel impact?

20 October: What’s next in alcohol?

19 October: Six tips for success: how brands can navigate the next six months

15 October: Planning for Consumer Change in the COVID-19 Era

14 October: Shopper responses to future uncertainty: looking ahead in the UK Food and Drink market

14 October: Media Reactions: Find out where great ads thrive

8 October: Why creativity and emotions in advertising matter more than ever

7 October More or less, in or out? How 2020 changed the UK's food and drink consumption habits


30 September: FMCG Shopping: 2021 & Beyond 

29 & 30 September: Kantar Talks UK Digital Event  

23 September: Getting closer to the truth 

22 September: Catching up with the new normal: How brands are adapting to match consumer’s expectations post COVID-19 

18 September: Omnichannel Winning Strategies Part 1 

17 September: Identifying brand opportunities in the age of COVID-19

16 September: Who Cares, Who Does? 2020: The increased opportunity in environmental concern

10 September: Magnifying Media: how brands can thrive in the new era of digital marketing

9 September: How to super-charge your in-house marketing function to collect faster, actionable data

9 September: Reboot your CX understanding to supercharge growth


27 August: Expert viewpoint: The rise of online in meat fish and poultry

26 August: Scotland Brand Footprint ranking

12 August: Agile innovation to grow in a reconfiguring world

11 August: How to re-engage consumers to speed up the post-pandemic recovery (UK) 

5 August: Retail 2020: Reigniting Customer Experience strategy

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