As we emerge from the pandemic, it is clear the impact it has had on consumer spending, saving, investments and other financial behaviours and attitudes has been profound.

To be effective, advertisers require insights into not just consumers’ economic circumstances, but their broader, contextualised behaviour: motivations, values, media consumption, product use, interests and passions.

At Kantar, our in-depth TGI consumer data (see below) provides a detailed, holistic understanding of which consumer audiences represent the most relevant targets for the financial sector and how they can most effectively be engaged. This includes insights on consumers’ financial circumstances and planned behaviour as we exit the pandemic.

Free consultation

We are offering you a complimentary, no obligation, one-on-one 20-minute online consultation with one of our in-house experts to listen to your audience insight needs and targeting priorities and draw upon our exclusive insights to show how you can address these, including:

  • Who has thrived financially during the pandemic and who has been left more economically insecure
  • What do you need to understand about your consumer targets more holistically (e.g. attitudes, product use, lifestyle and interests) to better contextualise their financial needs
  • What media mix and communications strategy will most effectively reach and engage the consumers you need to target
  • How you can leverage these insights to enrich your existing first-party data to better understand broader consumer behaviour, in order to engage them more effectively and activate digital campaigns with confidence in a post-third-party-cookie world.

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