Welcome to the sixth edition of Kantar’s Finding the Future series, your guide to the latest global trends. In this issue, we immerse ourselves into the world of fashion with a nod to the evolving context of consumer needs unearthed from our previous three reports.

Powered by Kantar's Dx Analytics proprietary toolkit, we apply AI and analytics on big data (search and social) to identify emerging trends at speed and scale that enable brands to map and identify future innovation, growth and activation opportunities.

In this report, you will find the following and much more:

- The pursuit of healthy fashion to support well-being goals

- Modest fashion: breaking stereotypes, inspiring diversity

- Sustainable & next-gen materials at the forefront

- Secondhand scene: bagging a bargain

The report further delves into how brands are innovating to address these needs. By layering human insight and Kantar’s trends framework, we identify growth opportunities for brands across markets, languages & categories in real-time.