Over the past year, Kantar Consulting and Kantar Dx (Digital) Analytics teamed up to uncover the latest trends and cultural manifestations that are shaping the alcohol and beverage sector. In chapter one, we explored attitudes around sobriety, low-alcohol alternatives, wellness, examining the challenges and opportunities this presents for brands to adapt and innovate.

Beyond the club and boozy brunches, chapter two delves into how consumers are elevating their home drinking experiences post-pandemic, driven further by the cost-of-living crisis.

In chapter three, we explored the world of ‘hedonism’. Consumers are prioritising joy and exploring new avenues of pleasure and as such, new experiences and multisensorial touchpoints are becoming a great way for consumers to step away from their day-to-day and stumble into the unexpected.

In chapter four, our latest chapter, we unpick the industry’s relationship with technology. Tech is now the norm in our daily lives, seamlessly integrated into our routines as consumers and individuals. But this can often be at odds with a category like alcohol, rooted in belonging and the need to feel connections with others in real life.

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