Kantar already enables brands and businesses to improve their marketing activity. Now the Kantar Inclusion Index provides a proprietary tool to benchmark and address Inclusion and Diversity at a broader company level.

We have developed The Inclusion Index with a mission to enable organizations to understand, track and measure their own progress in developing an inclusive and diverse workplace on a global scale.

This unique tool was created by harnessing the power of 88 million research-ready respondents within an award-winning survey design to gather truthful answers of how people feel about their current roles, responsibilities and workplaces.

In doing so, Kantar has built a vast normative data set that covers over 24 different industries with over 18,000 respondents across 14 countries, which will progress alongside society as it evolves.

The Inclusion Index offers access to a tangible metric that can help identify gaps in your own business and understand what needs to be addressed.

Discover key insights around gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, health and wellness. Fill in your details below to download the 2019 report.