Kantar Talks 2020: a free, unique digital event bringing brands, agencies and experts together to share inspiration and practical advice on the biggest challenge facing brands today: Resilience and Recovery.

As consumers re-evaluate brand choices and household budgets fall, entirely new behaviours are emerging. Understanding these changes to how people think, feel, shop, share, vote and view – and acting on them quickly – is fundamental for survival.

The plant featured on this page, Welwitschia mirablilis, is a prime example of resilience, living for over a thousand years and adapting to be able to survive on a drop of water a year. Brands can also learn to nurture resilience. Watch the sessions from Kantar Talks 2020 to learn from some of the world’s most resilient brands (and our experts) on how to power your recovery by seizing emerging opportunities in the new world.

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BrandZ UK Top 75: Urgent call to action for UK brands

We deliver an urgent call to action for UK brands and launch our BrandZ Top 75 UK Brands ranking for 2020. Our panel includes Mie-Leng Wong, Mondelēz; Susan O’Brien, Just Eat and Craig Inglis, The Marketing Society.

When life gives you lemons: Turning disruption into lemonade

Nina Rahmatallah hosts a lively and inspiring panel discussion with brand leaders who have reacted and adapted to win: Elaine Rodrigo, Reckitt Benckiser; James Watt, BrewDog and Ollie Lloyd, Hearst.

Lessons on resilience: How to turn surviving into thriving

In conversation with Sophie Devonshire, The Marketing Society and Jessica Myers, Metro Bank, we explore what it means to cultivate resilience, and how to live it day to day.

What’s next for FMCG?

What’s next for shopping behaviours and channel choices, which have been hugely altered by lockdown? What about the ongoing big trends – an ageing population, sustainability? Joined by Ashley Anzie, Kraft Heinz.

How to build internal resilience: Placing consumer experience at the heart of your organisation

We explore how leading businesses are working ‘back from the future’ to define and deliver seamless consumer experiences through a balance of the right strategy, structure, people, mindset and capabilities

Human nature: Understanding human psychology at scale to unlock growth

Jon Puleston shares examples from work by Kantar and Ogilvy to illustrate the depths of insight you can gather from having a much more detailed and comprehensive understanding of an audience’s personality. How can this transform your brand’s planning, innovation, communications and experience?

Exploiting the power of TikTok to reach new audiences

Sherri Chambers, TikTok for Business, joins Andrew Nelson to discuss the value of user-generated content and how it can be used by brands to engage new consumer audiences.

The hidden killer of brand dilution and the need for connected brands

As COVID-19 sharpens the need for brand building, Adele Jolliffe and Lindsay Gorton-Lee ask: Will all encounters with your brand come together in people’s heads to create the right impression when it counts?

How to create value in a recession: The post-pandemic marketplace of price-plus

Andrew Walker and J. Walker Smith present a Kantar framework for building value in the recovery marketplace. Two things are critical — safety and convenience. Both are old fundamentals, but now in new and different ways.

The value of good intentions: Unlocking growth through sustainable behaviour

Using Kantar’s proprietary behaviour change model and our interactive never-before-seen Moments of Change game, we will look at how to drive behaviour change and unlock growth

Sustainable reputation: The new frontier for building resilience

In conversation with Gemma Tedder (Tesco), we look at the relationship between a company’s sustainability strategy and its engagement with all stakeholder audiences.

Black Lives Matter: Leveraging the power of brands for a new future

Karen Blackett, WPP; June Sarpong, BBC and David Lammy, MP, speak to Bart Michels about the importance of being part of the race conversation.

COVID-19 and the impact on women: The seismic shift in women’s role and perceptions in society

Hear from Justine Roberts, Mumsnet & Gransnet, and Alex Mahon, Channel 4, on the changes in women’s lives – testing the hypothesis that as a new female persona emerges, a new female consumer emerges too.

Connected intelligence: Delivering the holy grail

Through a case study presented with whiskey distiller The Macallan, we show how you can increase your brand relevance by leveraging insights from different sources and drive real, tangible change.

Return on experience: Proving why CX is pivotal to brand growth

We explore the core principles of offering an exceptional customer experience, and examples of how these work in practice in conversation with Greg Hamilton of Nationwide.

The future of digital commerce: What to expect in 2030 and how to prepare now

Hear from Kantar’s Retail and Futures experts as we reframe the meaning of ‘digital’, ‘retail’ and ‘consumer’ in 2030 and identify the actions businesses can take today to prepare.

Digital acceleration: The new reality for commerce and how to win

Whereas once the focus was ecommerce, tomorrow the focus is digital commerce. Experts from Kantar and Mavens of London talk about the shift, and what it takes to win in both the short and long term.

Mind the data gap: Role of insights in TfL’s recovery and adaptation for the future

Hear from Mark Evers on the critical role of TfL in London’s recovery, how COVID-19 has changed their data and insight needs, and how TfL are integrating insight to respond, adapt and plan for the future.

Future Consumers: How Gen Z is shaping the new cultural zeitgeist in a post-COVID-19 world

Learn about the importance of the formative years and explore the impact of COVID-19 on this generation and what this means for the cultural rules of engagement of the next decade.

Technology and Artificial Intelligence – do they spark or kill creativity?

We reveal the ways in which technology opens a window into our souls, revealing powerful human insights that spark creativity, original thinking and distinctive, meaningful and resonant ideas.

The social media dilemma: Trust and effectiveness

Discover the unique role social media plays in the media mix and the key factors for brands to consider in order to balance the trust equation and create effective communications and marketing plans.

What will it take to win Christmas 2020? Planning festive season campaigns with confidence

Zaid Al-Qassab, Channel 4; Sue Todd, Magnetic and Chris Soo, Essence, talk to Kantar experts about the evolution of the media landscape since the beginning of the pandemic, the emergence of new audiences, and tactics to ensure a successful Christmas.

Exclusive: Introducing the UK’s top 100 most sustainable brands – and the role of AI-powered customer centricity to help to predict sustainability trends & behaviours

Kantar and Saïd Business School showcase how to predict the future, exclusively reveal the top 100 UK sustainable brands, and ask Mondelēz on what they are doing to accelerate more meaningful business initiatives and sustainable growth opportunities using an AI-powered customer centricity approach.

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Speakers included...  

Alex Mahon

Alex Mahon

CEO, Channel 4

Sherri C

Sherri Chambers

Global Head of Brand Strategy, TikTok for Business

Karen Blackett

Karen Blackett OBE

Country Manager, WPP

Justine Roberts

Justine Roberts MBE

CEO & Founder/Owner, Mumsnet & Gransnet

Elaine Rodrigo

Elaine Rodrigo

Chief Strategy & Insight Officer, RB

James Watt

James Watt

CEO/Captain, BrewDog

Susan Obrien

Susan O'Brien


Mark Evers

Mark Evers

Chief Customer Officer at Transport for London

June Sarpong

June Sarpong

Director, Creative Diversity, BBC

Zaid Al-Qassab

Zaid Al-Qassab

CMO, Channel 4

Jessica Myers

Jessica Myers

Brand and Marketing Director, Metro Bank

Mie-Leng Wong

Mie-Leng Wong

Head of Global Brands, Cadbury

Sue Todd

Sue Todd

CEO, Magnetic Media

Ashley Anzie

Ashley Anzie

Senior Continuous Insights Manager, Kraft Heinz

Felipe Thomaz

Felipe Thomaz

Associate Professor of Marketing, Saïd Business School

Sophie Devonshire

Sophie Devonshire

CEO, The Marketing Society

Sue Naughton

Sue Naughton

Global Insights & Analytics lead for Sustainability & Wellbeing, Mondelez

David Baxter

David Baxter

Head of Consumer Insight, Edrington

Chris Soo

Chris Soo

VP, Media Planning, Essence

Zoe Ruffels

Zoë Ruffels

Global Head, Consumer & Business Insights & Analytics, GSK

Greg Hamilton

Greg Hamilton

Head of Service Advocacy, Nationwide

Craig Inglis

Craig Inglis

Chairman of The Marketing Society and former Customer Director at The John Lewis Partnership

David Lammy MP

David Lammy

Member of Parliament, British Labour Party

Ollie Lloyd

Ollie Lloyd

Head of Client, Category Lead Food and Drink, Hearst UK