Retail realigned: Stick or twist post-pandemic?

Retail has experienced a decade's worth of change in 18 months. Ecommerce was already a growing force, high streets were already seeing footfall dwindle, but the pandemic has brought those challenges to a head and forced retailers and suppliers alike to adapt at a speed that no-one has planned for. In this session, we look ahead to what the post-pandemic correction in retail will look like and what it means for retailers and suppliers looking to win in that environment.

Featuring: Fraser McKevitt, Head of Retail & Consumer Insight, Kantar; Sara Royo, Business Unit Director, Kantar; Matthew Nobbs, Commercial Director, Gorillas UK

For better or for worse: How to grow in a divided nation

All of our lives have been altered by the pandemic; some for the better, many for the worse. Some feel they have more freedom while others have never felt more constrained. What is universal is that these changes in our lives also change how and why we spend our money. In this session, we explore those key changes and their implications for where growth can be found.

Featuring: Andrew Walker, Client Knowledge Director, Kantar; Lucy Chapman, Strategic Insight Director, Kantar; Craig Armer, Strategic Insight Director, Kantar

The sweet taste of success: Competing in an HFSS world

The new HFSS regulations will bring significant changes. They will strengthen the need to compete effectively and to win share, grow penetration, and build brand equity. We explore different ways brands can still enjoy the sweet taste of success, including product innovation, effective communications, differentiating your brand in a meaningful way, and winning at the point of sale. Embracing this as a connected story is key, as that’s what consumers experience.

Featuring: Cathy Capelin, Strategic Insight Director, Nutrition, Kantar; Hannah Walley, Head of Media, UK & I, Kantar; Ruth Symonds, Director of Consulting, Commercial Strategy, Kantar; Mark Standley, Head of Innovation, Kantar; Lynne Deason, Head of Creative Excellence, Kantar

Know your swords from your shields to drive growth and do good

Building brands responsibly is about doing good whilst still driving top line growth. But how to do this is one of the great existential marketing questions of our time. Some brands have “doing good” as part of their DNA, while others grapple with where to start, and how to navigate the commercial returns and risks. Discover the building blocks to overcoming the purpose paralysis that exists in so many businesses, learn how others have succeeded, and start acting now.

Featuring: Adele Joliffe, Head of Brand Domain Consultant Team, Kantar; Lindsay Gorton-Lee, Brand Consultant, Kantar; Sally Smallman, Global Consumer Planning Director, Johnnie Walker, Diageo

Hidden in plain sight: Why brand experience is the biggest lever for brand growth

Brands exist in people’s memories and feelings. They live through creative communications, and products and services that address real needs. For every brand interaction, there is the opportunity to build the relationship... or to damage it. Sadly, many brands don’t do this well. Brands that do have significantly better brand equity, leading to long-term in-market success. How can your brand create positive experiences?

Featuring: Andy Porteous, Head of Commercial Strategy, Kantar; Chloe Woolger, Commercial Director, CX, Kantar; Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer, Tesco

Designing for success in sustainability: Using behavioural science to fight for a better planet

Climate change is the defining issue of our age... but it’s hard to make people adopt more planet-positive behaviours. What if we re-thought the challenge, and designed sustainable products and services from behavioural design-first principles? Creating something so meaningful that it inspires the desired behaviour change and removes the feeling of compromise? Learn how to design for success, and inspire different segments to adopt more planet-positive innovations.

Featuring: Dr Nicki Morley, Head of Behavioural Science and Innovation Expertise, Kantar; Becky Ingram, Associate Director, Kantar; Professor Roberto Verganti, Harvard Business School and Stockholm School of Economics