InfoSum and Kantar partner to unlock the value of first-party data

14 June 2021

A new partnership between InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, and Kantar, the global evidence-based insights and consulting company, will help advertisers to better understand and engage target audiences by enriching their own first-party data with Kantar’s TGI consumer insights.

By layering Great Britain TGI data onto their own customer records through InfoSum, advertisers can build a deeper understanding of their consumers across attitudes, demographics, use of particular goods and services, leisure activities and media consumption. They can also connect consumer segmentations from TGI to their first-party data to create richer bespoke audiences for activation across online and offline advertising channels.

Crucially, the new Kantar and InfoSum partnership will allow marketers to build this detailed picture within a secure, privacy-safe framework, complementing their own user-consented data with that from Kantar.

Sunil Modha, Sales Director at InfoSum, commented: “We are excited to partner with Kantar to give marketers a new privacy-first way to connect Kantar’s rich TGI consumer insight to their own first-party data. Safe and secure data collaboration is more important than ever. The depreciation of third-party cookies has resulted in a loss of connectivity and customer knowledge for many companies. To future-proof their marketing, brands and media owners need to be able to access insights that enable them to deliver better campaigns while protecting consumers’ personal information. That is exactly where our ‘non-movement of data’ approach comes into play.”

Sarah Sanderson, Director – Strategy, Insight & TGI, UK & Ireland, at Kantar’s Media Division, commented: “Smart brands today are developing purposeful data strategies; understanding how they can merge their own data with privacy-compliant data from other sources to develop a meaningful understanding of their customers’ drivers, preferences and attitudes. In partnering with InfoSum we are enabling advertisers to unlock the power of that detailed first-party data by combining it with the breadth and wide-ranging insight we capture through TGI. Building on TGI’s longstanding expertise and value for advertisers, this partnership means marketers get the critical holistic, in-depth understanding of their consumers they need to inform their strategy right across the marketing cycle – from insight, to planning, to activation – in a highly data privacy compliant framework.”

Further information

For more information about how Kantar’s partnership can help your business unlock the value of its data, please get in touch here.