Forward Planning
Make marketing and communications planning decisions by understanding which stories and events will shape the news agenda.

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We gather and curate thousands of future events and news stories from press releases, websites, social media and proactive research in the UK and around the world across 150 categories.

This lets you plan with visibility of the news agenda and global market activity up to 12 months ahead.

Key features

Easy-to-use search and filter functionality

Search by business, industry, event type, and geography to find future event and news items that will impact your plans.

Customised alerts

Customise searches and convert them into daily, weekly or monthly alerts.

Bespoke calendar planner

Add news items and your own campaigns. Set different access permissions. Enjoy joined up planning across teams.

More information
Kantar Forward Planning provides the insight that informs the content produced around the news agenda. It is critical to the planning and scheduling of content, facilitating quick and easy research for news and editorial teams. We currently service directly and indirectly 500 newsrooms globally.
Kantar Forward Planning allows you to plan your campaigns and events with confidence around the fast-changing news agenda. Identify clashes with planned announcements or spot opportunities to maximise a campaign. Approach journalists ahead of a story going live to increase the chance of gaining maximum coverage, as well as track future competitor activity. For agencies the insight provides information and inspiration to strengthen client relationships and new business pitches.

Kantar Forward Planning provides up-to-date information delivered via real-time feeds covering the fast-changing business news agenda. We track 12,000 stocks globally and G20 economic indicators and events. Users are empowered with critical insight to inform investment decisions.

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