Digital Mirror
Use digital data to augment your existing demand space frameworks to uncover the trends, context, and people behind your segments. Take innovation, communication, and targeting strategies to the next level. 

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Digital Mirror uses the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and advanced graph & correspondence analysis to discover emerging trends and map them to traditional ‘offline’ consumer and product segmentations. By decoding digital footprints using AI, brands can understand people more holistically, from unknown personality traits to emerging trends and detailed media consumption habits. 

Key features

Holistic consumer understanding 

Helps understand the people behind your segments from a holistic perspective that goes beyond category behaviours to uncover affinities, interests, personality characteristics, and drivers of influence. 


Doesn’t replace existing segments. Compatible with existing consumer frameworks to enrich the understanding of trends, context, and audiences sitting behind real pockets of demand. 

Easy to use and take actions

Allows direct access to data in a user-friendly dashboard interface with guided analysis and built-in targeting and activation options. 

Speed and scale 

Delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Available in most markets and languages. A scalable way to monitor, understand, and target key consumer segments. 

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