Audience Measurement Analytics, APIs & Software

Access and analyse audience viewing data, trends and signals in markets worldwide.
advertising intelligence

Global footprint

With over 15,000 users worldwide, our proprietary solutions support organisations in 87 markets worldwide.

Actionable analytics

View, evaluate and plan with audience behaviour data locally and globally, by media channel and by programme.

API enabled

We filter and extract audience data to offer feeds that connect directly with your chosen systems.

Innovative application

Our data science, analytics, and software development teams are working together to develop market-leading solutions.
Featured solutions
Learn who is watching and the origin of the content or advertising, with data from over 120,000 connected devices daily.
Connect data sets, and unlock integrated audience insights.
Get increased precision and enhance your own data with a scaled approach to audience measurement.
Discover tools and solutions from the world’s largest respondent-level media software unit.
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