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Brands with strong equity are destined to grow. Knowing your equity and how to build it is the foundation for success.

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Measure and monitor your brand’s success with our extensively validated world-leading brand equity framework and measurement systems, proven to predict actual purchase behaviour. We show you exactly how your brand is performing and give you the guidance you need to grow your brand.

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Global expertise

With 40+ years working with leading brands, our experts in 80+ countries provide clear direction to grow your brand.

Validated solutions

The world’s most validated equity models and proven brand-building frameworks correlate with actual purchase.

Innovators in brand growth

We’re passionate about brands and what makes them grow. We’re recognised thought leaders and constantly evolve our solutions.

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Strong and profitable brands need to be salient and meaningfully differentiated from competitors.

Validated against short and long-term sales, our Meaningfully Different Framework (MDF) measures your brand equity and helps you grow meaningful, different and salient brands. Easily incorporated into any research study, it helps you maximise volume and value share growth for your brands. With additional diagnostic measures and analysis it provides an understanding of the entire consumer decision-making process., from equity to market factors.

Strengthen your brand equity with our brand guidance systems. 

Evaluate your equity and other brand and campaign KPIs over time and geographies, versus your competition. Always know how your brand is performing, and understand where it’s heading.  Make better, faster decisions to grow your brand now and in the future.

Finding brand growth in good times (and bad)
Kantar experts reveal the magic formula for sustainable brand growth in this on-demand webinar: an amalgam of short and long-term indicators that nudge your brand equity at every stage of the tracking journey.
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