SME Retail Intel

Strategic data to support SMEs with fast, simple, online access to shopping behaviour, retailer shares, trends and own label performance.

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For small and medium sized businesses in the FMCG sector looking to break into a new retailer or grow their relationship, being able to understand shopper behaviour is vital.  Consumer data makes it possible to quantify and track this, to explain how a new product will bring additional value to the market.

Obtaining this data has traditionally been prohibitively expensive and complex for small and growing companies, until now. 

Introducing Kantar’s SME Retail Intel. Our new data package created especially for smaller business who need an affordable way to access information about shopper buying behaviours, retail trends and performance and crucial category and competitor performance data. 

SME Retail Intel gives you easy, online access to Worldpanel’s unique consumer panel data with the category and competitive data you need to grow your brand.

- Spot growth opportunities by seeing what shoppers are buying and where they’re buying it from, across the nine leading UK supermarkets (including Ocado).
- Identify and track your competition from a category, sector and sub-sector view, plus add 10 product ranges of your choice.
- Compare branded vs own label to understand your position in the market.
- For people new to using data, our templated charts make it easy to understand and share.  
- Study the trends over time with three years’ back data showing you both the 52 week and 12 week view, updated quarterly. 
- Get up and running quickly with full training support from our experts,
- To ensure you can make the most of the data, you’ll also get four days consultancy with one of our experts.
- When you need it, there are add-on packages available for greater depth.

Want to know more? Get in touch for personalised demonstration to see how our SME Retail Intel can help you grow your business.

Key features

Simple Cost-Efficient Access

With an affordable price, fixed for the first two years, you can be confident you will get the information you need to support your growing business. Online access for limitless users with analysis templates means it is very easy to create and share charts across your business.

Unique Shopper Data

Understand what shoppers are buying by looking at total market sales and sales split by each of the main retailers. The Kantar panel is a unique, demographically representative sample of the GB population. The sample is continuous so we can track changes over time.

Flexible to your needs

If over time you feel you need more depth and granularity, you can easily increase your data access with fixed-price add-ons. For example, to see more retailers, look at longer data trends or add additional analysis templates.

Whether you’re new to the market and looking to secure retailer listings or already established and looking to grow your retailer relationships, we can help you answer the big questions:

  • How is the category performing and how has that evolved over time?
  • How are the key brands performing and what’s driving that?
  • Who is making the biggest contribution to category performance?
  • How does shopper behaviour compare between key brands?
  • How many buyers do I need to compete with key players?
  • Who are the biggest retailers and who is winning?
  • How different is shopping behaviour between the key retailers?
  • How have retailer shares of the category evolved?
  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Asda
  • Morrisons
  • Aldi
  • Lidl
  • Co-op
  • Waitrose
  • Ocado

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