Trade Promotion Management & Optimisation

Increase revenues and margins through an integrated sales planning and TPx solution.

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Deliver improved commercial decisions, optimised trade promotion plans, higher customer profitability, and greater returns on trade spending.

Consumer goods manufacturers can now balance trade investment requests from their retail partners with their own requirements to deliver revenue and volume growth along with higher margins and ROI.

Key features

Grow revenue and maintain target margin levels

Correctly allocate investments across customers and brands and ensure optimal outcomes.

Address retailers' requests and shopper expectations

Identify the best assortments, pricing and promotional levers to help negotiations and joint business planning.

One version of the truth

Use a single application for trade management, and share information among teams.

More information
  • Advanced analytics to identify trends and uncover root causes of promotional performance
  • Predictive and collaborative business planning
  • Comprehensive capabilities to manage the full contract life-cycle
  • Complete capabilities to optimise and manage retailer specific promotional programs and address different market and shopper opportunities
  • Accruals management and claims settling
  • Scorecards to measure and share promotion execution results in a standard and comparable way throughout different outlets and geographies
  • Single industry-specific solution that seamlessly integrated with ERP and demand planning systems.
  • Workflow, data management and analytics functionalities to keep clear view on trade spending evolution and decrease spend by 5-10% (% of GSR)
  • Advanced analytics to uncover root causes of promotional performance, optimise promotional plans and course correct activities to obtain a 15-25% increase in ROI
  • AI enabled sales forecasts with integration with demand planning that aid 5-10% reduction in finished goods inventory and closed loop planning to execution that minimize risk of out-of-stocks.
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