Baby Panel

Get actionable insight into the baby sector, including niche categories, by exploring current trends and gaining a better understanding of the baby shopper and their purchase patterns.

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The baby sector is booming. It has already seen an increase of 7% this year and currently stands at £1.4bn. This has been driven by shoppers spending more per trip across both online and physical stores. With this spike in spend, brands now have more opportunities to increase their shopper base by tapping into their needs and motivations. 

With actionable insights from Worldpanel Plus explore the baby sector by understanding how shoppers buy baby products and how to win more shoppers. With real-time purchase, behavioural and attitudinal data powered by consumer panellists, we can help you identify who your shoppers are, where they are shopping, who to target first and opportunities to find growth based on the current trends steering the market.

Our data covers the following: 

  • Channels and stores 
  • Industries and categories 
  • Competitors 
  • Shopper profiles 
  • Shopper satisfaction across major retailers 
  • White spaces to explore to drive growth 

Key features

105,000 shoppers

Make more informed decisions relating to the baby category with insights scaled from over 105,000 shoppers, based on real shopper behaviour and their actual purchases in-store and online.

All retail purchases

Evaluate current strategies and identify new opportunities with purchase behaviour data on any type of store across hard-to-reach baby categories.

Shopper surveys

Understand shopper motivations by linking their purchase behaviours to their attitudes with surveys triggered by behaviour.

What we cover
  • Who is buying baby products – grandparents, expecting parents, young families?
  • Where are shoppers buying baby products from, and how has this changed? 
  • Which channels and retailers are driving growth in specific baby categories, and how does this compare to the total baby market? 
  • Are different channels and retailers attracting different shoppers, and how could this impact your future channel strategy? 
  • What else are shoppers of baby categories buying at the same time? Where do baby shoppers do their product research, and what influences them? 
  • Are baby shoppers aware of your brand and do they consider your brand when making purchase decisions? 
  • What baby products shoppers planning for next? 
  • Baby Specialists 
  • Supermarkets  
  • Bargain Stores  
  • Online Pure Players 
  • Department Stores  
  • High Street Retailers  

We cover a wide range of categories and can adapt any combination to create the total view you need.  

  • Bathing and Changing
  • Baby Electronics 
  • Baby Feeding 
  • Baby Furniture 
  • Health and Beauty 
  • Home Safety 
  • Baby Sleeping 
  • Soft Furnishings 
  • Baby Travel 
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