Understand people and communities. We partner to unlock the most effective ways to address global public policy challenges and deliver public value for clients.

Our specialists provide evidence and capability-building for governments and multilateral organisations to deliver better public policies and communications.

How we help you

  • How do you change behaviour to tackle complex societal challenges?


    Addressing some of today’s most important policy challenges – from road safety to domestic violence – can only be done through effective, population-level behaviour change. The context in which people make choices is continually evolving. Our experts can help.

  • How can you better understand people and communities?


    In order to effect change, you need to really understand society and the communities you work in. We partner to provide a broad and deep evidence base for policy making in governments and multilateral organisations around the world.

    How we help

    Public Evidence
  • How do you develop better public policy?


    We work at the intersection of data, technology and human understanding. Our deep policy and programme evaluation expertise and data collection capabilities support clients across the policy cycle, from needs assessment and formative research through to full-service programme evaluation.

  • What's driving public opinion?


    Policies and communications can't be delivered effectively without an understanding of what the public is really thinking. Kantar is a global force in public opinion and voting intention polling. Our trusted insights help leaders make informed decisions and contribute to the quality of public debate.