A more emotive positioning for a leading candle brand

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Kantar helped a candle brand bring their new positioning to life, thanks to insights about the link between scents and emotions.


A leading brand of candles was experiencing stagnant category growth, challenged to be relevant to a new generation in a market where there is much ‘copy-cat’ branding. A new brand positioning territory was established and needed to be brought to life through communications.

A consumer insight uncovered in NeedScope Modeller work revealed that scents are tied to emotions; and that scents can trigger fond memories of the seasons of the year including autumn and the holidays. This insight was translated into a creative idea designed to bring the new brand positioning to life. 


Pre-Link groups with NeedScope provided a format for exposing consumers to various executions of the creative idea – a campaign for autumn and "holiday".

The NeedScope projective tools allowed access to emotional reactions to various elements of the executions, such as tonality, imagery, social context, functional and emotional needs.


The use of NeedScope allowed us to see how well the campaign was hitting the desired new brand positioning. Emotional reactions to various elements of the execution and its alignment to the positioning were assessed and measured.


The research identified specific areas of the advertising to adjust to better tap into the emotive positioning for this candle brand – some of the images were too upscale and unrealistic as well as too isolated.


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