Helping Axe create a progressive approach to content for millennials

Axe case study millennials dating
How did this global personal care brand redefine their marketing approach with a holistic search & seek-out content strategy?
Global Brand Director, Axe“Kudos to the team who put a lot of effort into this amazing work.”


Axe was concerned they’d lost the attention of their core demographic with campaigns that were seen as too cool, serious, and exclusive. The brand also needed help to identify the current online competitors in the conversation space: who was currently winning consumer attention around these topics, and how.


Mavens, a Kantar company, repurposed the traditional marketing funnel to represent the key stages of the Attraction/Dating journey. We researched consumer interest, intent, and language using search data to identify, define, and categorise the most important steps along that journey. Then we mapped the dating journey online to surface the content that consumers were currently finding to answer their Dating questions.


The work has enabled Axe to adopt a completely new approach to tone of voice and content, with the objective of reaching their consumers in an authentic way. It has also informed their Partnership and Paid strategy, as well as initiated discussions around engaging consumers across other social channels that were previously not considered.


We identified rich, new, and ownable, communication territories around the relevant topic areas. We helped Axe to be seen as more humorous and irreverent while navigating the complex topics of Dating and Attraction for young millennials in a progressive way.

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