Identifying rich, actionable insights about Ferrero’s target audiences

Data from TGI informed the communication plan in terms of messaging, tonality and channels.


Ferrero wanted to develop bespoke communication plans for different target audiences of one of its main brands, in order to engage them with relevant communication content. To maximise its impact, the communication plan and targeting strategy needed to be informed by a strong understanding of the audience.


A bespoke survey was conducted and fully integrated with Kantar's planning tool, TGI. The data collection was designed to create a single-source data set from which a data-driven segmentation could be derived. Segments were first created and profiled with customised metrics directly relevant to Ferrero. Their profile was then contextualised and augmented using the TGI metrics.


Segments were sized and prioritised in terms current and future engagement with the brand and category. Ferrero was able to grasp which part of the audience they should communicate to in priority order.

Segments were profiled by key category and brand metrics but also portrayed as whole individuals with generic lifestyles, background and values. For each of the segments, granular data was made available relating to media consumption and content preference.


This wealth of insights informed the communication plan in terms of messaging, tonality and channels.

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