Kantar Digital Content - Making of Essity’s Consumer Tissue Category the go-to source of helpful information in Hygiene and Family Care

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Digital Content is our in-house production team. We use digital data, digital marketing gold standards, and optimisation science to deliver meaningful brands that perform on digital platforms. The Marketing Society Awards nomination for our work with Essity is testament to the value our content production and optimisation methods deliver to brands.
Gabor Kovacs – Global Brand Director – Core Business & Digital Marketing, Essity “Since the beginning of our collaboration, the team at Kantar [Mavens] really stood out. Having the unique ability to combine data-driven analytical thinking with cutting-edge creativity resulted in content that both performs in SEO and creates engaging brand experiences for our audiences.”

“Next to understanding our audiences, Kantar [Mavens] also excelled in understanding the brand, its values, and tone of voice. As a result, they helped us in creating content that is highly relevant to the people we serve and at the same authentic to our brand.”


Deliver meaningful, authentic content that really connects our brand with the needs of our consumers.
For Essity Consumer Tissue (CT), the Digital Content team at Kantar Analytics has worked with Essity’s Global Digital Team to deliver a data-driven content strategy for 33 websites.  The focus is to help their brands communicate with their audiences to deliver messages that are relevant to the online journey they are in, and that will therefore resonate and be remembered.  The content strategy is informed by consumers’ needs, interests, and passions around the topics of hygiene and care, health, and family life and family fun. It’s designed to position Essity’s advice and tips right at the moment when their consumers need them: when they seek the information online. 


Data-driven, meticulous, and creative content that captivates audiences and wins on search engines.

Connecting Brand and People through data-driven creative, delivered at a global scale.

During our five-year partnership, the Kantar Digital Content team has helped Essity to: 

  • Research digital channels and analyse publicly available data to understand what needs people express online, and to understand what they expect and what they are trying to achieve when they go online.  We analysed over 29k keywords across all markets to identify search opportunities relevant to Essity brands and countries.   
  •  Map all sources of information that potential consumers may come across to determine what the competition looked like for Essity CT  sites and define where gaps existed and how they could win. 
  •  Define the ‘GLocal’  content strategy – determining what content the brands needed to publish where and with what language and cultural specificities to be authentic, what visual formats to bring the information to life, and critically the information they needed to provide to resonate with those audiences.
  •  Audit content to understand what existing assets could be repurposed and which ones were simply not delivering and needed to be removed.
  •  Produce over 470 master content pieces that were activated in the 33 websites in the form of 4,000 localised versions, all fully optimised for local search too.
  • Research to obtain data that would inform the visual content strategy, determining how content needed to be illustrated and in what formats.  This led to managing the production of 113 master assets and 576 localised versions in the form of video, step-by-step photography, animations, and motion graphics.  
  • Understand performance and opportunities for optimisation. The whole programme was backed up with solid tracking and measurement to assess where content was delivering and where it needed to be optimised. Creating bespoke dashboards allowed us to monitor the visibility and engagement of each content piece in every market. 


The results are clear to see: 

  • Since the start of our partnership with Essity, their Consumer Tissue sites have received around 12.5 million visits from organic search, and this number is still growing as the content is evergreen. 
  • The content delivers invaluable engagement: on average consumers spend over two minutes on the sites 

This is reach at scale, but reach where it matters, when people need help, and where Essity Consumer Tissue brands can be the answer, provide valuable information, and inspire.

This great example of collaboration and implementation by the Kantar Digital Content team and showcases how creative content that is underpinned by data offers efficiency, authenticity, and performance.

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