The Beiersdorf global TPx journey: Paving the road towards value creation

The Beiersdorf global TPx journey
With Kantar TPx solutions at the heart of their Revenue Growth Management initiative, Beiersdorf is driving digital transformation globally.


In 2017, Beiersdorf launched a digital transformation RGM initiative aimed at driving business value across the 100 markets in which it operates. The initiative involved revisiting Beiersdorf’s TPx digitalisation process, with the help of Kantar, aiming for a more agile, scalable, and effective approach.

As Trade Promotion Management is a key pillar of RGM – one of the biggest levers of growth as well as market investments – its optimisation is key to win in the global market.


Beiersdorf chose to bring all TPx systems across 10 countries to the newest Kantar cloud version before further expanding the geographic reach of the digital initiative to a minimum of 25 prioritised countries.

Beiersdorf and Kantar deployed a template approach combined with an agile implementation method to quickly scale the solutions and standard ways of working across geographies, while also addressing each country’s specificities and needs. A dedicated team composed of personnel from both companies worked closely together to deliver success.


Beiersdorf has chosen to pair the template approach with constant involvement of local teams. This TPx community involves all countries and key stakeholders throughout the whole journey. It guarantees aligned priorities, knowledge sharing, system usage improvement, KPIs refinement and, ultimately, greater benefits, faster global transformation, and improved performance.


Beiersdorf’s revamped TPx digital program is widely supported across the organisation and meets different needs across the globe. The outcomes are effective RGM based trade promotion strategies, value creation, growth, and a successful digital transformation journey.

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