Supporting brand reputation for L’Oréal across multiple product categories

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We delivered an “always on” approach to media impact analysis to support L’Oréal in managing brand reputation across several categories.
Julien Wintenberger, Directeur de la Communication“The outputs of Kantar’s monitoring and analysis solution are clear, concise and actionable. The data provided is a valuable aid to decision making, as it accurately describes our sector and the media’s sense of direction. The KPIs are clear, and the study’s continuity generates a reliable history and the necessary perspective in order to identify the main elements and significant developments.”


L’Oréal Consumer Products Division France was looking to define its communication objectives based on reliable, continuously accessible and actionable media data.

L’Oréal was looking for a solution to validate communication decisions across earned media, paid media and influencers.

Accurate impact measurement of online and offline media is an essential element in defining a 360-degree communication plan.


We support L’Oréal with a suite of analytics and a continuous flow of intelligence on media performance and impact. Our data is consistent and is used by L’Oréal to benchmark progress both in the near term and across the full year. The tools are complementary and allow an “always on” use of the insights.


We monitor L’Oréal’s media coverage and deliver a continuous flow of content and analytics through our global Kantar Reputation platform.

Quarterly reports provide in-depth analysis of L’Oréal’s media performance in multiple product categories. Annual Barometers/Observatories provide in-depth data on product reviews and an understanding of wider sector trends.

Our data is both quantitative and qualitative. Three indicators are particularly valued and used by L’Oréal:

  1. Advertising Share of Voice and editorial Share of Voice ratio
  2. Media Impact
  3. Corporate & ESG


We partner with L’Oreal to help define their communication strategies, direct messages and identify customer media.

Our data equips L’Oréal with detailed knowledge of its media landscape and a consistent methodology to measure performance in reputation management and brand growth.

L’Oréal can detect the themes and subjects that are gaining momentum in the media, and validate the relevance of emerging trends to its communications objectives..

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