Total media ROI measurement for a luxury jeweller

Which touchpoints drive the most sales, and best improve brand equity?


A leading luxury jewellery company wanted to understand the impact of digital media, traditional media, PR, celebrities and influencers on sales.


Two measurement tools (MROI & Connect) were used together to assess the total impact of all media and non-media touchpoints on short-term sales, and long-term drivers of brand equity, for our client.


Our Marketing ROI models were able to quantify both the short-term and long-term impact of touchpoints by integrating the short-term impact from marketing mix models and the long-term brand equity driven by media impact from Connect.

We were able to identify certain touchpoints that are key to brand building.


We found that digital media was key to building sales during off season (non-holiday) while traditional media drove holiday sales. By flighting differently during holiday vs. non-holiday periods, our client was able to maximise sales outcome for the same media budget.

For OOH, train stations were the most effective activations, while for magazines, bridal and home/cooking genres were the most impactful.

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