Public policy challenges are increasingly complex. Elect to get the evidence and insight to understand and change society.


Governments and corporations are challenged to understand people ever more deeply, in order to make public policy and communications work effectively and deliver value. In this era of ongoing digital transformation and citizen distrust, Kantar partners with our clients around the world at every stage of the public policy cycle to develop the next generation of public policy.

How we help you

  • See the bigger picture


    Better public policy, and better public communications, can only come from an in-depth understanding of the issues at play. Draw on our wide, expert toolkit of capabilities, from classic social research methods to innovations in digital and non-survey to deeply understand your citizens, from whole-population and multi-country research, to hard-to-reach groups.

    How we help

    Public Evidence
  • Achieve impactful citizen engagement and behaviour change programmes


    The most important policy challenges – from national health to road safety – can only be met by population-level behaviour change. Our consultancy and research teams work across the entire spectrum of behaviour change programmes to help clients understand behaviour and deconstruct the complex range of influences, identify population segments to undertake targeted, effective interventions and address the gap between intentions and actions.

  • Understand what works and why to deliver better public policies


    The challenges facing policymakers can only be met through a combination of innovation and best practice from across sectors. We offer clients expertise across the policy cycle, from formative research to programme evaluation and our toolkit can meet any complexity of needs.