Improving child nutrition in Myanmar

Kantar Public helped Save the Children identify the most effective ways to improve caregivers’ feeding practices in Myanmar's Chin state.


In some remote rural communities, feeding young children a nutritious diet is a daily challenge. In this study, Save the Children sought to identify the most effective ways to improve caregivers’ feeding practices with the resources available to them and to understand why years of nutrition messaging didn’t seem to be influencing behaviour.


Kantar Public used the ‘Trials in Improved Practices’ (TIPs) method to address this challenge. For seven days, mothers, fathers and support caregivers each trialled new child-feeding practices within their daily routine, before sharing their experiences and solutions. Our local team conducted ethnographic home immersions, quantitative market surveys, and interviews, using locally based moderator-counsellors to maximise the participation of all caregivers in each home.


Thanks to the behaviour change expertise of the team, as well as the skills of a nutrition specialist, Kantar Public in Myanmar developed a set of simple yet high-impact recommendations for Save the Children’s future programming.


Research participants were enthused by what they learnt and by sharing their solutions for peer learning in this research-cum-intervention.


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