Improving the citizen experience of public services

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Kantar Public worked with Adobe to show governments how they can make a positive impact in digital public service delivery by enhancing key aspects of citizen experience.


As citizens increasingly turn to digital tools to facilitate their daily lives, many governments are seizing the opportunity to provide information and services online, helping citizens save time whilst driving efficiencies for tax payers.

Much development thus far has focused on providing online services that are functional and reliable, but large proportions of internet users continue to rely on offline transactions when it comes to public services. To realise the full potential of online services, build trust and make government services more accessible, the focus for public services must now shift beyond functionality towards addressing the citizen experience.


Kantar Public and the WPP Government Practice worked with Adobe to assess how government services are currently performing and to identify key areas to address for a positive citizen experience. Kantar worked across seven countries, applying an integrated approach that included benchmarking citizen experiences of online public services, qualitative in-depth research, and social media analysis.


This mixed approach provided a complete picture of the citizen experience. Further statistical analysis helped identify the priority areas to address to deliver positive experiences into the future.


Launched in January 2018 and presented to government audiences in Washington, London, Delhi, Singapore and Berlin, the published report – Delivering Experiences that Count – provides the findings and concrete recommendations for ways in which governments can achieve significant positive impact in digital public service delivery by enhancing key aspects of citizen experience.

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