Engaging employees to drive a hotel chain's growth

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Our client used insights around employee engagement to improve the customer experience, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Recognising the importance of employee engagement on top-line growth, our client wanted to understand the relationship between employee engagement and customer loyalty so they could manage the customer experience more systematically and foster customer-centricity to accelerate growth.


We analysed the statistical relationship between the TRI*M customer relationship and employee engagement KPIs. We worked with our client to develop a scorecard to demonstrate the business impact of higher engagement and customer loyalty. 


We identified the drivers of employee engagement and where investment would have most impact in securing customer loyalty. We highlighted major issues, like the lack of service orientation of front-line staff and how training for all employees would resolve this.


Employee and customer satisfaction both increased more than 15 index points in 3 years and led to a significant increase in repeat visits.

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