Increased airline bookings with a better customer experience

Our airline client found huge benefits in recovering customers, thanks to Kantar's bespoke model linking brand equity and customer experience.


Our client wanted to develop a best–in-class customer recovery programme. They needed to understand the relative importance of investing in operational customer experience vs. long-term brand equity in driving sales.


We created a bespoke model linking equity and experience survey metrics to our client’s booking volumes. We also developed models to explore specific service disruptions to help prioritise response.


We found that when a disruption is handled well, customer satisfaction levels are actually better than those of non-disrupted customers. We mapped the best notification practices for different types of disruption.

As a result of the findings, our client also changed their front staff and cabin crew training.


Every 1% recovery in deep satisfaction from the programme has the potential to drive over 100,000 incremental bookings per annum.

Our client now has a three-year programme in place to recover disrupted customers.

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