Showing a hotel how digital touchpoints influence consumers

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We helped a leading hotel brand boost conversion rates by showing them the roles and relative importance of different digital channels in the path to purchase.


Our client wanted to understand more about the role of digital channels on the consumer path to purchase and the impact they have on sales conversion to inform their omni-channel strategy. 


We implemented a comprehensive, dual approach for breadth and granularity. We combined Connected Shopper survey data with behavioural data (passive measurement) to capture the "what" and the "why" from the same respondents. This provided detail on search behaviour, website visits, purchases, app usage and geo-location and more.


We were able to identify the relative importance of the different touchpoints across online and offline channels, and to emphasise the ones that mattered most.

The client realised it would be key to invest more heavily in digital touchpoints during the booking phase to have the greatest impact on conversion rates.


The focused investment in digital advertising at the booking stage resulted in an 85% increase in conversion rates.

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