Demonstrating the positive impact of TV programmes during uncertain times

ITV case study
ITV relied on Kantar Social TV Ratings data to understand how the UK felt about Britain's Got Talent during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Amanda Hammond, Commercial Research Executive, ITV“Instar Social has allowed us to better understand how the ITV audience behaves and interacts with our genres, channels and programmes on Twitter, providing us with telling insights for briefs, campaign evaluations and programme reviews.”


COVID-19 had a significant impact on brands, with many exploring how they should approach their advertising strategy during this challenging time. With the next series of Britain’s Got Talent soon to be aired on ITV, the broadcaster wanted to understand how the TV programme was engaging and inspiring audiences despite the unexpected backdrop of the pandemic.


Using Kantar Social TV Ratings, ITV was able to access valuable Twitter insights to demonstrate the impact and reaction of viewers on Twitter to the show while it was on air. This included sharing the volume of Tweets as well as the positive sentiment towards Britain’s Got Talent, including specific emotions that were evoked, such as admiration.


ITV used Kantar Social TV Ratings to compare on a week by week basis the reaction on Twitter and compare it to the previous year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent. With overriding positive sentiment, ITV was able to demonstrate just how important shows like Britain’s Got Talent were needed in the current climate and how much they do to uplift the nation’s spirits in difficult times through engaging large audiences.


The insights helped demonstrate that audiences for Britain’s Got Talent remained highly engaged, as demonstrated by the high volumes of activity and positive sentiment on social media. The insights were valuable for the business and commercial partners of the show.

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