Enriched audience insights for Movistar

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With connected intelligence about audiences, Movistar can now make more informed decisions and reach ad revenue goals.


Movistar wanted to develop a more granular understanding of the TV and video consumption behaviours of their Pay TV subscriber base in order to enrich already available industry TV panel data. The main goal was to provide a more accurate picture of total viewing behaviour in order to explore non-live consumption and time-shifted viewing across all TV channels and programs.


Kantar developed a data framework, now used on an ongoing basis, to connect census and panel data to provide Movistar with unique viewing data. Specifically, Kantar processes Movistar’s 1st party return path data to provide insights into how time-shifted viewing, interactive services, or video-on-demand services are used in each subscriber’s household. Alongside this, we supply TV audience data per viewer across national and regional TV properties (full TV industry currency data). 


Fusing these data sets to generate this granularity of insight across their audience database allows Movistar to have a deeper understanding of their Pay TV subscribers, highlighting TV and video consumption behaviours.


Movistar can now make more informed decisions on content and programming, and also evidence the effectiveness of their portfolio in reaching and engaging sought after target audience segments, ultimately supporting Movistar in the delivery of their advertising revenue goals.

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