Infographic: Consumers look to the post-COVID future

From holidays, to home working, to vaccines – discover how consumers are preparing for life after COVID restrictions.
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life after covid
James Powell

Senior Marketing Manager, Media Division, UK & Ireland

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With the coming months seeing both the vast majority of adults across the UK vaccinated against COVID and a gradual easing of restrictions into the summer, we explore how consumers are gearing up for post-COVID life.

It should be a life that will look very different to what we have all had to live with over the last year or so. But how will consumers approach the re-opening of society, and what do they feel will be different in their lives compared to the time before the pandemic?

Using new insights from our – now monthly updated and released – GB TGI consumer data, our infographic examines five key ways consumers are approaching a post-COVID future. From their thoughts on the vaccine, to working from home, to taking a holiday this year, to their financial situation and spending potential as the pandemic hopefully draws to an end... we examine how consumers feel at this pivotal moment.

Our infographic also reveals the steep discrepancies in willingness to take the COVID-19 vaccine between older adults and their younger counterparts.

When it comes to changed working patterns, our TGI consumer data shows that a quarter of adults have ended up working from home to at least some extent as a result of the pandemic. Of these, half expect to carry on working form home at least three days per week once the pandemic is over.

For more on these, and other key ways consumers are looking towards life post-COVID, simply fill in the form below to download the infographic.


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